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1.2.15Stable - Jul 08 20141.2.14Stable - May 28 20141.3.0 (CTP-MAY-2014)Experimental - May 27 20141.2Stable - Jun 05 20131.0.4EOL - May 30 20131.0EOL - Feb 20 2012CTP-JAN-2010End Of Life - Jan 15 2010CTP-NOV-2009End Of Life - Oct 29 2009
Released: Wed 06 05 2013 Status: Stable
Posted By: justin.fyfe1

Release Notes

The 1.2 release of Everest has been hardened and contains several changes to increase the stability and reliability of several Everest components

Everest Core Enhancements

  • Creation of EverestSerializerFormatAttribute on the WCF connector. This allows developers to simply add Everest classes to WCF service contracts and the WCF system will use Everest as the serialization engine.
  • Better reporting of exceptions generated from ParseXSIType
  • Allow the casting of System.Uri instances directly to a TEL
  • Introduction of ValidateEx function which reports detailed errors with datatypes. These errors are returned in DataTypeValidationResultDetails with more detail about the errors that were found in the data type instance
  • Support for the elements in the Web.Config section of WCF services used by Everest
  • FormatterUtil program which can be used on a generated RMIM class to create formatter helper classes, greatly increasing formatter performance
  • Reorganization of many of the Datatype R1 formatter helpers
  • XML Its 1 Formatters now have Graph and parse methods marked virtual allowing for easy overriding.
  • Deprecated methods in XmlIts1Formatter were reorganized and removed

GPMR Enhancements

  • Support for compiling Java artifacts (class and JARs)
  • Support for generating JavaDocs directly from GPMR
  • Support for generating Windows Phone and Silverlight 4 assemblies from GPMR