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1.2.15Stable - Jul 08 20141.2.14Stable - May 28 20141.3.0 (CTP-MAY-2014)Experimental - May 27 20141.2Stable - Jun 05 20131.0.4EOL - May 30 20131.0EOL - Feb 20 2012CTP-JAN-2010End Of Life - Jan 15 2010CTP-NOV-2009End Of Life - Oct 29 2009
Released: Fri 11 09 2012 Status: Removed
Posted By: justin.fyfe1
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Release Notes

MARC-HI Everest Framework 1.1 (Unstable Preview for 1.2)

Note: This is an unstable preview release. For the latest stable release see:

What's New

This version of Everest represents a preview release of the 1.2 version of Everest. This release contains many fixes and enhancements to the Everest Framework as well as a series of new functionality which will be included in Everest 1.2.

Note: This release will receive no bug fixes and is not guaranteed to be compatible with Everest 1.2 or Everest 1.0.2

Everest Enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to the Everest framework:

  • Creation of EverestSerializerFormatAttribute on the WCF connector. This allows developers to simply add Everest classes to WCF service contracts and the WCF system will use Everest as the serialization engine.
  • Better reporting of exceptions generated from ParseXSIType
  • Allow the casting of System.Uri instances directly to a TEL
  • Introduction of ValidateEx function which reports detailed errors with datatypes. These errors are returned in DataTypeValidationResultDetails with more detail about the errors that were found in the data type instance
  • Support for the <host> elements in the Web.Config section of WCF services used by Everest
  • FormatterUtil program which can be used on a generated RMIM class to create formatter helper classes, greatly increasing formatter performance.

GPMR Enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to the GPMR tool:

  • Support for compiling Java artifacts (class and JARs)
  • Support for generating JavaDocs directly from GPMR
  • Support for generating Windows Phone and Silverlight 4 assemblies from GPMR

MARC-HI Everest for Windows Phone & Silverlight

This release includes an installer which will install a preview of the new Windows Phone and Silverlight assemblies for MARC-HI Everest. These assemblies will work on Windows Phone 7.1 and Silverlight 4 applications. This platform supports:

  • Support for HL7v3 NE2008, NE2010, CDAr2 and Canadian spec R02.04.01, R02.04.02, and R02.04.03
  • Support for the WCF Client Connector, adapted for Silverlight
  • Support for the XML ITS 1.0 and Data Types R1
  • The core library complete with full datatypes implementations for the Phone and Silverlight Platforms