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1.2.15Stable - Jul 08 20141.2.14Stable - May 28 20141.3.0 (CTP-MAY-2014)Experimental - May 27 20141.2Stable - Jun 05 20131.0.4EOL - May 30 20131.0EOL - Feb 20 2012CTP-JAN-2010End Of Life - Jan 15 2010CTP-NOV-2009End Of Life - Oct 29 2009
1.3.0 (CTP-MAY-2014)
Released: Tue 05 27 2014 Status: Experimental
Posted By: justin.fyfe1

Release Notes

Preview Release of Everest 1.4 with Sherpas Framework

This release represents a community technology preview version of the MARC-HI Everest Framework 1.4. The official release of this preview is 1.3.0.

Changes / New Features

The following new features have been introduced in this version of Everest

  • Microsoft Help Viewer files & Integration of help in Visual Studio 2010 and 2012
  • Improved CodeDom Formatter
  • Sherpas CDA Template Framework
  • Improved formal constraint check mechanism
  • Better handling of the SD datatype in the MARC.Everest core assembly.

Sherpas Framework

Sherpas is the name of the CDA templates framework for the MARC-HI Everest Framework. It is intended to allow the processing of DECOR and other CDA template descriptions into MARC-HI Everest helper classes. Using this framework it is possible to integrate documentation, formal constraints, value sets and fixed values into Everest classes.

A description and demonstration of Sherpas can be found here:

Please Note: The Sherpas framework is very experimental. It has very limited documentation and has undergone very little testing. It should be used for the purposes of evaluating CDA templates in Everest.

The Sherpas framework is used as follows:

  1. Create a CDA based Everest project using the 1.3.0 installation package
  2. Ensure that the MARC.Everest.Sherpas assembly is selected in the new project wizard
  3. Add a reference to the Sherpas template you wish to implement in your project (Found in the 'lib' folder of your install directory)
The following sample code illustrates how to use Sherpas to construct the MinimalCDADocument in the MARC.Everest.Sherpas.Templates.Sandbox.dll assembly and format it to the console:
// Construct CDA
MinimalCDAdocument document = new MinimalCDAdocument();
document.Component = new MinimalCDAdocument_Component();
document.Component.BodyChoice = new MinimalCDAdocument_Component_BodyChoice();
    new EKGImpressionSectionComponent(
        new EKGImpressionSection(
            new SD(SD.CreateElement("table"))
// Create the new CDA formatter and REgister templates
ClinicalDocumentFormatter formatter = new ClinicalDocumentFormatter();
// Format
formatter.Graph(Console.OpenStandardOutput(), document);