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1.2.15Stable - Jul 08 20141.2.14Stable - May 28 20141.3.0 (CTP-MAY-2014)Experimental - May 27 20141.2Stable - Jun 05 20131.0.4EOL - May 30 20131.0EOL - Feb 20 2012CTP-JAN-2010End Of Life - Jan 15 2010CTP-NOV-2009End Of Life - Oct 29 2009
Released: Thu 10 29 2009 Status: End Of Life
Posted By: justin.fyfe1

Release Notes

Welcome to the MARC-HI Everest Framework November 2009 Community Technology Preview. This release represents the first official release of the MARC-HI Everest Framework.

This release of the Framework is intended to:

  • Give POS (Point of Service) vendors an opportunity to evaluate the suitability of the Everest Framework in their applications
  • Allow developers to review the MARC-HI Everest Framework to determine is suitability as an HL7v3 Messaging API
  • Provide advanced learning opportunities for developers whom wish to integrate HL7v3 into their applications at a future date.


Included Technologies

The November 2009 Community Technology Preview (CTP) contains the following Everest concepts and technologies:

  • Connector Infrastructure
    • Windows Communications Foundation (WCF)
      • Server Connector (Standalone & IIS)
      • Client Connector
    • Microsoft Message Queueing
      • Publishing
    • File<
      • File Publishing
      • File Listening
  • Formatter Infrastructure
    • XML ITS 1.0
    • XML Data Types R1
  • Structures
    • HL7v3 Data Types (v1.0)
    • pCS Standards (v2.04.1)
  • GPMR v0.7


Known Issues

There are several known issues with the MARC-HI Everest Framework.

  • The following instances will not serialize properly
    • FICR_IN610102CA
    • PORX_IN010380CA
    • PORX_IN010420CA
    • PORX_IN010650CA

      This is due to some improperly referenced CMETs in the MIF files
  • No Support for POLB domain. This is due to improperly referenced CMETs in the MIF Files
  • There are 40 of the 132 Infoway Samples bundled with the 2.04.1 release that will not completely validate. T are the known problems:
    • Improper codes are selected (when a code value is set bound to a valueset and CNE is used)
    • Missing mandatory negationInd on instances (mostly in the REPC domain)
    • Type not available for the POLB samples
  • File Listen Connector on MessageAvailable handler does not get fired when large amounts of files (> 20) are dumped into a directory.