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Released: Tue 09 15 2009 Status: Removed
Posted By: justin.fyfe1

Release Notes

Notice: The September 2009 CTP of Everest has reached end of useful life (EOL) status. No further patches will be provided for the September 2009 CTP

Welcome to MARC-HI Everest Framework CTP-SEP-2009.

This is the first "preview" release of the MARC-HI Everest Framework and is intended to address the following needs:

  • Allow vendors to determine the suitability of using MARC-HI Everest Framework in their applications
  • Allow developers to review the MARC-HI Everest Framework to determine its suitability as an HL7v3 API
  • Give the community a chance to locate potential issues with MARC-HI Everest prior to the November 2009 CTP release
  • Provide an advanced learning opportunity for EMR Vendors interested in developing HL7v3 connectivity into their applications


Excluded from this Release

Because this is a preview release, the following items are not included in the setup package

  • Detailed Reference Guide -
    This guide is currently being developed as part of the November 2009 release of the MARC-HI Everest Framework.
  • Unit Tests -
    Tese tests are currently not distributed as part of the September 2009 release but are intended to be release with the November 2009 release


Included in the Release

The following technologies are included as part of this release:

  • Connector Infrastructure (WCF and File connectors are included)
  • Formatter Infrastructure (XML ITS 1.0 and DT R1 formatters included)
  • RMIM Structure Library (pCS 2.04.1 is included)
  • MIF Rendering Tools (GPMR 0.6 is included)
  • Data Types Library


Known Issues

The following known issues have been identified as part of this release

  • The following instances will not serialize properly
    • FICR_IN610102CA
    • PORX_IN010380CA
    • PORX_IN010420CA
    • PORX_IN010650CA
  • Instances with the HealthProviderRoleType code of PHYS will not deserialize properly