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1.2.15Stable - Jul 08 20141.2.14Stable - May 28 20141.3.0 (CTP-MAY-2014)Experimental - May 27 20141.2Stable - Jun 05 20131.0.4EOL - May 30 20131.0EOL - Feb 20 2012CTP-JAN-2010End Of Life - Jan 15 2010CTP-NOV-2009End Of Life - Oct 29 2009
Released: Thu 11 08 2012 Status: Removed
Posted By: justin.fyfe1

Release Notes

This release represents a minor bug-fix and maintenance release for Everest 1.0.1 in the Everest 1.0 branch.

The following enhancements are included in this release:

  1.  Fixed serialization issues with several Everest classes
  2. Fixed missing internaction documentation (business names only) in generated RMIM assemblies
  3. Fixed rendering issue with GPMR and structured vocabularies, namely some code systems and value sets were missing or missing concepts.
  4. Added parameter to GPMR to support the force rendering of partial vocabularies
  5. Fixed issue which caused formatting instances using an already used XmlStateReader to throw a NotSupportedChoiceResultDetail.
Changes from 1.0.1
  • Improved WCF Connectors
  • Better support for App.Config structures
  • Better support for accessing and generating SOAP headers
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Formatter now emits proper xsi:Type attributes for overridden types
  • DT R2 formatter now emits proper R2 type names
  • Improved support for GPMR processing of constraint files
  • Fixed validation problems with ENXP and ADXP classes
  • Corrected C# RIMBAA renderer in GPMR to use appropriate casting
  • Updated RMIM assemblies for NE2008 and NE2010 containing appropriate casting on constructors