Previous Versions

1.0.9Stable - Feb 06 20141.0Stable - Jun 14 2013CTP-MAR-2013Experimental - Mar 31 2013
Released: Thu 02 06 2014 Status: Stable
Posted By: justin.fyfe1

Release Notes

This release includes several updates to key functionality within the Everest Framework and is a snapshot of the Maven repository release 1.0.9 of Everest. Fixes and features include:

  •  Several formatting issue bug fixes for types IVL, PIVL, and PQ
  • Improved GetXIfY and GetXTraversalName functions to determine wire level traversal names of elements
  • Fixed ordering of elements in CDA document to reflect the XSD for CDA (fixes to MIF files)
  • Fixed parsing of XMLStateStreamReader, and improved XMLStream performance
  • Added support for processing invalid dates in the TS data type
  • Added support for the combo IVL<X> and X types, this was a bug where Value is populated on an IVL for a complex type like PQ which had child elements
  • Fixed the XmlIts1Formatter to appropriately sort the traversal elements within a RMIM class.