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1.1Stable - Apr 20 20151.0-CTPStable - Feb 09 20150.7.2Stable - Dec 08 20140.7.1Stable - Oct 14 20140.7Stable - Oct 10 20140.6Experimental - Nov 21 20130.5Experimental - May 21 20130.4Experimental - Apr 11 2013
Released: Mon 02 09 2015 Status: Stable
Posted By: justin.fyfe1

Release Notes

This release represents the initial Community Technology Preview of the MARC-HI Client Registry 1.0. In this version:

  • IHE Connectathon Passed:
  • PIX Manager for HL7v2 
  • PDQ Supplier for HL7v2
  • Patient Identity Source for HL7v2
  • Patient Demographics Query for Mobile (PDQm)
  • Enhancements to the administrative web services for loading logs and viewing OIDs
  • Administrative interface package (separate download)
  • Support for DICOM audits (in addition to RFC3881)
  • Audits over TLS/TCP (in addition to already supported UDP)
  • Support for ITI-10 (HL7v2 update notification)
  • Support for query by "last update time", pediatric fields, and fuzzy address matches.
To configure the WWW-Admin Package:

  1. Install Microsoft .NET Framework ASP MVC framework
  2. Enable the "Administrative Service" in the Client Registry service configuration tool
  3. Unzip the download into a directory that is accessible by IIS
  4. Setup your IIS website and application pool (.NET 4.0 / Integrated)
  5. Setup Windows mode authentication if the administrative interface is available anywhere other than localhost
Important Note: Upgrading to this version of the CR-RI is not supported, several data structure changes were necessary since the 0.7.x series of the Client Registry. It is recommended that you uninstall your database schema and re-deploy with the new version --or-- install to a different directory, copying MARC.HI.EHRS.CR.Persistence.Data.dll from a 0.7.x version of the CR-RI. Note that such a workaround is not officially supported but has been known to work(however new features will not work)