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Released: Thu 11 21 2013 Status: Experimental
Posted By: justin.fyfe1

Release Notes

Updated Features:

- Support for FHIR v0.11
- Improved audit facilities
- 32 bit installers packaged

Note: There is a bug with the configuration application in this version of the CR RI. To fix NullReference exceptions on the PIX and PDQ Version 3 handlers add this line to the <marc.everest.svc.core> section in the <serviceProviders> section:
      <add type="MARC.HI.EHRS.SVC.Localization.XmlLocalizationService, MARC.HI.EHRS.SVC.Localization, Version="/>

Also to fix the error with the Everest configuration on PIXv3 notifications add the following information to the Web.Config under <marc.everest.connectors.wcf> section:

    formatter="MARC.Everest.Formatters.XML.ITS1.XmlIts1Formatter, MARC.Everest.Formatters.XML.ITS1, Version="
    aide="MARC.Everest.Formatters.XML.Datatypes.R1.DatatypeFormatter, MARC.Everest.Formatters.XML.Datatypes.R1, Version="
    <action type="MARC.Everest.RMIM.UV.NE2008.Interactions.PRPA_IN201301UV02" action="urn:hl7-org:v3:PRPA_IN201301UV02"/>
    <action type="MARC.Everest.RMIM.UV.NE2008.Interactions.PRPA_IN201302UV02" action="urn:hl7-org:v3:PRPA_IN201301UV02"/>
    <action type="MARC.Everest.RMIM.UV.NE2008.Interactions.PRPA_IN201304UV02" action="urn:hl7-org:v3:PRPA_IN201304UV02"/>