Client Registry RI
A Mohawk Applied Research Centre Project

The MARC-HI/MEDIC Client Registry Reference Implementation represent the prototype client registry developed by the MARC-HI under our Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) blueprint reference implementation.

The reference implementation software supports many standards based interfaces including:

  • Support for pan-Canadian Messaging (HL7v3) R02.04.01
  • IHE PIX Version 3 (Not yet connect-a-thon verified)
  • IHE PDQ Version 3 (")
  • IHE PIX v2.x (HL7v2.3.1 ADT feed, verified IHE CAT NA2015)
  • IHE PDQ v2.x (HL7v2.5,verified IHE CAT NA2015)
  • IHE PDQm (verified IHE CAT NA2015)

In addition to these standards based interface, the client registry:

  • Can act as a Patient Identity Feed (PIXv3) to other actors,
  • Supports RFC-3881 (ATNA for IHE interfaces) auditing,
  • Provides support for advanced matching/merging algorithms,
  • Soundex Matching
  • Pattern Matching
  • Name Variant Matching
  • Provides a custom management interface for merging duplicate patient information,
  • Provides an easy-to-use configuration/deployment tool,
  • Provides a highly scalable infrastructure via support for PostgreSQL synchronous streaming replication
  • Supports query continuation, and persistence,
  • Supports message logging and long-term execute-once detection,
  • Provides a highly extensible platform for custom interfaces and modules.

This reference implementation project is intended to assist developers in the development of Client Registry software, customer interfaces (as a test interface), in demonstration XDS infrastructures, or in staging environments.


20 Minute Test Instance
20 Minute Test Instance
Single Server Deployment
Single Server Deployment