Configuring the Visualizer Service

Modifying the configuration for the Visualizer Service is quite simple. There are several pieces of configuration information that are needed:

  1. The address/port that the SysLog listening service listens to

  2. The port of the notification broadcast service

  3. Whether or not the CAP service should be enabled (this is only true if Silverlight clients are connecting)

All configuration for the Visualization Service is contained in the MARC.EHRS.VisualizationServer.exe.config file in the installation directory. Using your favorite text editor, open this file.

Configuring the SysLog Listener

First, we have to ensure that the visualizationserver configuration sections are registered (or else the configuration reader won't load your configuration). Ensure that the following lines exist in the configuration file:

<section name="marc.ehrs.visualizationserver.syslog" 
MARC.EHRS.VisualizationServer.Syslog, Version="/>
<section name="marc.ehrs.visualizationserver.notifier"
MARC.EHRS.VisualizationServer.Notifier, Version="/>

Next, locate the SysLog configuration and set the listening address and port, by default the Visualization Service will listen on on port 11514. To change this, modify this configuration setting:

 <marc.ehrs.visualizationserver.syslog maxMessageSize="65536"> 
   <binding address=""

You can add aditional bindings (so the visualizer can listen on different ports/ip addresses as well), and you may optionally specify a forwardAddress and forwardPort which will instruct the visualizer to forward received messages received on the specified port to the appropriate address.

After you've applied these settings, you will need to restart the Visualization Service host. Using the command prompt type the following command:

net stop "Visualization Service"
net start "Visualization Service"

Configuring the Notifier

The notifier is a piece of code that clients connect to in order to receive events. The notifier service is essential for clients to receive the necessary messages to "light up" the visualizer diagrams.

The notifier is configured using the following parameters:

  • port - The port that the notifier will broadcast events on and will use to accept connections

  • enableCAPServer - When set to true, the notifier will serve as a ClientAccessPolicy provider.

  • capServerPolicyFile - Identifies the ClientAccessPolicy file to send to Silverlight clients attempting to establish connections.

The structure of this configuration section is as follows: