MARC.Everest.Connectors Namespace


Public classConnectionStringParser Parser for connection strings
Public classDatatypeFlavorValidationResultDetail Identifies that flavor validation of a datatype instance has failed
Public classDatatypeValidationResultDetail Identifies that basic validation of a datatype instance has failed
Public classFixedValueMisMatchedResultDetail The fixed value in the message definition does not match the value supplied
Public classFormalConstraintViolationResultDetail This class is used to group validation result details which represent formal constraint violations in the message
Public classInsufficientRepetionsResultDetail Insufficient repetitions
Public classInsufficientRepetitionsResultDetail Insufficient repetitions
Public classMandatoryElementMissingResultDetail Mandatory element is missing
Public classMessageEventArgs Event arguments for message based events
Public classNotImplementedElementResultDetail Encountered an element that was not understood
Public classNotImplementedResultDetail The requested feature has not been implemented in the Everest Framework
Public classNotSupportedChoiceResultDetail A choice element was used that is not supported
Public classPropertyValuePropagatedResultDetail Identifies that the value in a data type has been propagated as the traversal on which the original value was set is not rendered
Public classReceiveResultAsyncResult Provides an AsyncResult class that can be supplied to/from EndReceive/BeginReceive methods
Public classRequiredElementMissingResultDetail Required element is missing
Public classResultDetail Represents diagnostic details about a validation, formatting or connection operation.
Public classSendResultAsyncResult Provides an AsyncResult class that can be supplied to/from EndSend/BeginSend methods
Public classUnsolicitedDataEventArgs Event arguments for unsolicited data received
Public classUnsupportedDatatypePropertyResultDetail Identifies that a property populated within the datatype can't rendered to the output stream by the current datatype formatter
Public classUtil Utility class for formatting data
Public classValidationResultDetail Represents result details related to the validation of a message instance
Public classVocabularyIssueResultDetail An issue was detected with the codified concepts within the message


Public interfaceICodeDomStructureFormatter Identifies a structured formatter that generates assemblies "on the fly"
Public interfaceIConnector The IConnector interface responsible for defining connector interfaces to/from external systems.
Public interfaceIDatatypeStructureFormatter Identifies a class that renders datatypes
Public interfaceIFilteredConnectorObsolete. Represents a connector that retrieves filtered data from an endpoint (like a database system)
Public interfaceIFormattedConnector Represents a IConnector that sends or receives data "over the wire" using a IStructureFormatter for serialization of the message.
Public interfaceIFormatterGraphResult Represents a structure that contains the results of a graph operation
Public interfaceIFormatterParseResult Represents a formatter parse result
Public interfaceIListenWaitConnector Represents a IReceivingConnector connector that is persistant in memory and can "listen" for data over a transport channel
Public interfaceIListenWaitRespondConnector Represents a IListenWait connector that can send responses back to the solicitor
Public interfaceIReceiveResult Represents a result from a receive connection
Public interfaceIReceivingConnector Represents a IConnector that receives data from a remote endpoint
Public interfaceIResultDetail Represents details about the send result
Public interfaceISendingConnector Represents a IConnector that can send data to a remote system
Public interfaceISendReceiveConnector Represents a ISendingConnector that sends and receives messages over a transport channel
Public interfaceISendResult Represents a result from a sending connector
Public interfaceIStructureFormatter Represents a class that has the ability to render an IGraphable object into another form, effectively serializing it
Public interfaceIValidatingStructureFormatter Identifies a formatter that can validate structures
Public interfaceIXmlStructureFormatter Structured formatter that supports xml data


Public delegateCreateXSITypeNameDelegate A delegate that is used by CreateXSIType that is used to override the manner in which XSI:TYPEs are created


Public enumerationResultCode Result codes
Public enumerationResultDetailType Identifies the type of send result detail