Health Informatics Projects

  • Client Registry RIThe Client Registry reference implementation represents the MEDIC/MARC-HI prototype of the pan-Canadian standard and IHE client registry. It supports pCS HL7v3, IHE PIXv3, IHE PDQv3, IHE PIXv2.x and IHE PDQv2.x
  • Common Terminology ServicesThe Common Terminology Services project provides a standards based HL7 CTS 1.2 wrapper on top of 3M's Health Data Dictionary
  • Everest FrameworkEverest provides a flexible, extendable interface that abstracts many HL7v3 features from the view of the developer. The goal of Everest is to provide a loosely coupled and easy to use HL7v3 implementation
  • Everest Framework Java EditionThe MARC-HI Everest Framework Java Edition
  • MARC-HI HIALThe MARC-HI EHRs Version 3
  • MARC-HI VisualizerThe Visualizer allows infrastructures using ATNA messages to visualize what systems are being "touched"
  • Outbound Message Routing AgentOMBRA provides a generic, reusable and flexable application service that can forward data from an MSMQ Queue to a variety of sources