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Everest FrameworkEverest provides a flexible, extendable interface that abstracts many HL7v3 features from the view of the developer. The goal of...Client Registry RIThe Client Registry reference implementation represents the MEDIC/MARC-HI prototype of the pan-Canadian standard and IHE client ...MARC-HI VisualizerThe Visualizer allows infrastructures using ATNA messages to visualize what systems are being "touched"Everest Framework Java EditionThe MARC-HI Everest Framework Java EditionMARC-HI HIALThe MARC-HI EHRs Version 3

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Client Registry RI
New Version!1.1 - Apr 20 2015The 1.1 Release of the Client Registry

  • Better performance for large patient datasets
  • Improved...
Everest Framework
New Version!1.2.15 - Jul 08 2014Updates to help files reflecting better documentation on some datatypes.
Fixed missing gpmrvarsall.bat
MARC-HI Visualizer
New Version!3.4 - Apr 15 2014- Added support for sponsor logos on the visualizer
- Fixed missing dependencies on the Visualizer source install
Everest Framework Java Edition
New Version!1.0.9 - Feb 06 2014This release includes several updates to key functionality within the Everest Framework and is a snapshot of the Maven repositor...
New Version!3.0 - Mar 31 2011Version 3.0 of our MARC-HI HIAL
New Version!1.3 - Oct 11 2010This minor release of the SchemaTool addresses several issues with the XSD loading engine especially those issues related to the...
Common Terminology Services
New Version!Beta - Sep 05 2010This release represents the first public release of the 3M Health Data Dictionary wrapper for HL7 Common Terminology Services 1....
Outbound Message Routing Agent
New Version!Alpha Pre-Release - Oct 03 2008First (and last) public release of the OMBRA Routing Agent. Agent works fine under Windows Server 2003 not in a domain environme...